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Our A-Level tutors are from local junior colleges and universities, and are highly sought after, many of which are HODs (Heads of Departments).


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With them guiding you or your children, you can be assured of:

1) Well-Structured Classes

With a well developed Scheme of Work (SOW) that covers all the topics of the syllabi of the A-Level subjects, each lesson is conducted with well thought out lesson plans, that ensure students learn effectively and effortlessly.

After all, pupils have less than 2 full years of time to prepare well for ‘A’ Levels, so our JC tuition program has to make sure all topics are well covered.

Check our A-Level tuition lessons schedule here.


2) Well -Designed Lessons

As A-Levels exams emphasis on application, analysis and evaluation, each lesson includes appropriate amounts of written exercises that impart these higher order thinking skills to students.


3) Apppriopriate Class Formation

One area where we really shine is that our JC tutors insist on splitting up the students of Higher 1 (H1) and Higher 2 (H2) streams.

For example, you will want to know for our Economics students, our A-Level tutors have separate classes for H1 Econs and H2 Econs students. In this way, we ensure that each group of students gets to learn what their Econs syllabus require them, so that their grades can be raised in the shortest time possible.

Specifically, H1 Econs students need more exposure and practice for case studies, while their H2 counterparts definitely require our tutors to place slightly more emphasis on essay exam component.

Also, the tuition teachers do have a short and preliminary introduction to Calculus – Differentiation concepts covered in secondary schools, and how it is applied to Economics, in the most elementary fashion.


4) Sufficient Feedback

Unlike other JC tuition centres in Singapore who may only conduct lessons that re-teach subject content, we add more Value to learning by ensuring all written assignments are marked, graded and feedback is given to pupils.


Hence, we guarantee your kids improve! See the testimonials our students have for our JC tutors.


5) Extra Help Given

Our tutors are available for extra consultation, at NO CHARGE.

If time permits, our tutors will gladly arrange to see students at other timings, outside the scheduled class time slot, to aid in content understanding and concept clarification.

For eg, for JC Physics tuition, the tutors have set aside extra time for students who need to prepare SPA (Science Practical Assessment) exams.


Our A-Level tutors have very limited, tight schedules, so if you wish to attend their lessons, do contact us early. Our administrator can be reached at https://m.me/adamsmithlc.


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