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Aspiring to be one of the leading home tuition in Singapore, Adam Smith Tuition Agency  where we  focus on matching the needs of our customers to the most appropriate tutor.

Our unique and effective curricula and teaching methods have received strong support, affirmation and appreciation from parents and students. With us being an increasingly popular choice of home tuition, many discover that they can obtain their distinctions quickly and easily.

Our students has averaged about 70-75% for distinctions (grade ‘A’), and about 20-25% for grade ‘B’s.

Our academic achievements are due to our detailed selection of experienced and qualified tutors, tireless administrative support from the non-teaching staff, as well as the strong support from parents and students who showered us with referrals.

We deeply appreciate all our stakeholders for their immense contributions. With our educational mission of devotion to educating and assisting students, we are committed to academic excellence, and will continue to strive for greater excellence for the benefit of more students.

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About AdamSmithTuition Agency – Progress and Promising SME 500 Award

We are the proud recipient of the Promising SME 500 Award in 2014, and we have achieved by focusing on providing quality education and yet at affordable rates, 

As always, we decide to stay focused, and only concentrate mainly on “A” Levels tuition for subjects, including

. H1 & H2 Sciences (Biology,
. Chemistry, Physics)
. JC Maths
. A-Level Economics
. H1 JC General Paper
. A-Level Humanities (Geography, History and English Literature)

In addition, we recognise the need to provide Integrated programme tuition for Upper Secondary students (or known as Senior High pupils). IP tuition makes sense because parents ask us to offer a strong head start in the theoretical and application ares of JC subjects. 

AdamSmithTuition.com – Mission, Vision & Core Values

As we conduct lessons in the day to day operations, we are guided by what we want to set out to do, how well we can do it, and a set of guiding principles of which how it shall be done.

Our Mission
Our mission is to help students in Singapore to excel in their academic pursuits.


Our Vision
Our vision is for Adam Smith Tuition Agency to be one of the largest home tuition providers in Singapore.


Core Values
Our core values define a set of shared beliefs and behaviours to guide how our team of people should interact and work in Adam Smith Tuition Agency each day. Below are the values that align our people to the achievement of our mission and vision.


We thrive on innovation and continuous improvements

We believe in our vision and mission

We show respect and kindness to all our stakeholders

We expect the best from each of ourselves and from our team of people

We exist to serve our customers and the education community



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