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We are proud to present the profile of our JC Economics tutor – Ms Genevieve Tan, an ex-lecturer and tutor of HCI. She was also the Head of Faculty, ensuring the well being of students, definitely an apt post of her empathetic, patient and kind nature.

Ms Genevieve Tan (A-Level H2 and H1 Economics)
Ms Genevieve Tan is the program adviser for our Economics Tuition Centre, a fast growing A-Level specialist tuition provider.


Ms Genevieve Tan’s Academic Inclination

It’s been crystal clear from day one that Ms Genevieve Tan is born to teach, to help mould the future of Singapore and to inculcate the right values in teens.

And it has been that way since. In fact, while she was in NUS, she was already conducting classes during weekends, although she was merely teaching Speech and Drama to primary school children.

So after her GCE ‘A’ Levels, and her stellar JC results, she did not hesitate to pursue a teaching career. Soon, she secured her MOE Teaching Scholarship, and spent 4 years in pursuing Economics, the subject she loves.


Ms Tan’s JC Economics Tutoring Experience

Ms Tan graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS), with an Honours Degree in Economics. She began her formal teaching with the Ministry of Education (MOE) as an Economic lecturer. While on NIE (National Institute of Education, Singapore) training, she had her Practicum experience at national Junior College (NJC), before being posted to Hwa Chong Institution (HCI).

Ms Gen Tan spent 10 fulfilling years in HCI, as she witnessed batch after batch, large groups of Economics students securing their H1 and H2 Econs distinction, obtaining overall exceptional results, and more importantly seeing her students developing a wise, kind and matured thinking of the world around them.

All in all, Ms Tan has taught over 1,000 JC Economics pupils, many of them securing of them securing their well deserved “A” grades in this tough and rigorous subject. Now she continues to do the same magic for JC students with Ace Specialist Hub (Bukit Timah), imparting crucial Econs essay skills and case study tips. We are very delighted to have her as our key A-Level Economics tutor with us!

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 Her Formal Education in Economics

NUS – Bachelor’s Degree in Arts & Social Sciences (Economics)

NUS – Honours Degree in Economics

NIE – Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) with Merit

SMU (Singapore Management University) – Masters Degree in Economics (Applied Economics)

Genevieve Tan:

Economics has always been a big part of my life. I grew up with Economics being a big part of my life; from dinner table conversations with my parents and their business associates to their astute observations about what was going on in the world economies. It amazed me how Economics was part of everything in the world. Growing up with all that, the decision to study Economics was a no-brainer to me.

Studying Economics at the A-Levels did not satiate my curiosity about how the world ticked. It made me want to learn more, leading to my decision to read Economics as a single major at the National University of Singapore. I took a break from all that studying for 4 years while I taught students at Hwa Chong Institution to love the subject like I did. And to make sure that I kept myself up to date with all that was going on in the world, I went to SMU and did a Master’s degree in Applied Economics.

All this and my decade of teaching at Hwa Chong have armed me well to develop a curriculum that will serve our students well, equipping them with the knowledge and the skills to do well in their A Levels and as well as for life.


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