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Attend our JC tuition in Bishan, Singapore and discover how to score for your A Levels examinations. The JC tuition class for JC Economics tuition are as follows:

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Our time slots are very liberal and flexible. Anytime you want us to have a new timing for you, just let us know. Kindly call our tuition coordinator (at https://m.me/adamsmithlc) to get the full details for the existing and new classes.


Home Tuition Singapore – About our JC Tuition Classes in Bishan

Our tuition classes are popular among JC pupils because:

1) Guaranteed Results

If our JC tutors have no confidence In helping you secure your distinctions, we will not be able to offer you FREE Video TRIAL lessons.

In fact, you have perform a check on other tuition centres for A-Levels, you will discover we are the only tuition agency that offer FREE Video TRIAL lessons*.

If after the trials and you are not totally satisfied with our A-Level tuition lessons, you will not have to pay anything at all.


2) Small Group Size

Unlike a few other tuition Centres in Bishan that cramp 30 students or even
more into a class, we prefer small group tuition size, to enhance students’ learning in a far more effective manner.


While group tuition for JC students can be efficient and effective, there is a limit to its maximum size. Our experience over the past 4 years suggest that a class size of about 12 is optimal.

Besides the opportunity for sound discussion, pair exchanges of opinions, and on-the-spot peer learning, tuition lessons in a small group has much greater energy and ignites a healthy level of competition, not to mention to encouragement you get when you have like-minded friends who want to excel as well as you.


3) Convenience

With us being a mere 10 minutes walk from Bishan MRT (2-3 bus stops from Bishan bus interchange), you cannot miss our JC tuition centre.

With the bus stop conveniently located in front of our centre, you need not worry about rain or harsh weather, that occurs so unpredictably in Singapore, as you are fully sheltered once you alight or board at the bus stop.


4) Safety

You need not worry about safety, especially at night because the neighbourhood happens to be bustling with numerous activities. Opposite the centre is Bishan North Shopping Mall, whereby many food stalls and retail shops operate 24 hours. Your child’s safety is assured.


5) Student Welfare

While our JC tuition classes benefit pupils because of its quality of lessons, we do not overlook the small things. Specifically, our tuition centre is decently equipped, with


i) Large and clean classrooms for student learning. Besides a new set of paints, with improved toilet facilities, the centre is also arranging for interactive whiteboards and projectors as well as new lecture pad chairs, for maximum comfort and effective learning.

ii) Free refreshments – Students are free to use our water dispenser at absolutely no charge to you.

iii) Food is provided – For intensive revision tuition classes, whereby you may be in the centre for 3 hours or more, especially nearing Prelim and A-Level exams, we usually provide snacks and food for pupils. Curry puffs, pizzas, and other finger food are our students’ favourites. (“,)


Our tuition coordinator can help you with arranging and creating your preferred time slots for your free trials. She can be reached at https://m.me/adamsmithlc.

(* Terms & conditions apply)

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