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If you have, through our home tutors' help, done very well in your 'A' Levels, kindly let them know by providing us your testimonials. Let them know how you feel, if you like what our teachers have done for you.

Do give us the chance to better ourselves. Your testimonial means that much to the teaching team, the administrative staff and the rest of the support team.

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Here are some of the selected testimonials for our tutors:

Economics Testimonials

It was very exam focused, so students could concentrate on the skills & content required.

The content was also very structured, which allowed me to make keen links between the content topics

Rachel Wong Jin Hui, H2 Econs, Dunman High School (DHS)

The notes are very useful and the exam approach is clear and systematic.

Furthermore, the way the Econs tutors teach the subject is indeed engaging, actually a bibt funny, yet fun and easily memorable!

I would agree that it is indeed a form of accelerated learning type of teaching methods.

Tan Yuan Ming, JC Economics (H1 Econs)

Why Spend So Much Time and Money On Economics Tuition? This Is The Best Deal!

For only a SMALL fraction of what I used to pay my private Econs tutor over a year, I learnt more, yet pay less.

The most worthy spending I did for tuition - Result: an "A", of course!

Wanda Wang IB Higher Level

ACS - (Independent), Singapore

The tuition teacher played a huge role in explaining the lessons’ details to us.

The content is deep and increases my knowledge of Economics.

Ng Yan Lun, H2 Econs, Meridian Junior College (MJC)

General Paper (GP)

The tutor have a good coverage of current affairs to apply in written essays

exploring various types of essay questions

Ng Si Qi

The notes given are comprehensive and analyses of essay questions are in-depth.

The tutor focus more on compre questions and skills

Sarah Tong

There is sufficient elaboration and examples provided for each essay points.

The essay plans and outlines are clear.

Joshua Ng

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Happy revision!

Adam Smith Learning Centre

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Physics Testimonials

The tutor teaches the learning about structures – being given a proper guideline.

Going through of more questions or examples.

Christie Hou