A-Level Private Tuition

Do you require one or multiple A-Level subjects tuition help?

Are you searching for JC subject tutors who can teach more than one subject?

Or do you have difficulty finding tutors for subjects such as History, Geography, KI, etc?

If yes, we have the subject experts for you.
Just like you are, we are amazed at the astounding abilities of some of the “A” Levels subject teachers we have in our network.

For example, Mr Chong, among others, are equally strong in the theoretical and application aspects of both junior college (JC) H2 Chemistry and H2 Physics.

There is also Mrs Tracy Ng who is thoroughly skilled and experienced in General Paper (JC GP), English Literature, and even Knowledge & Inquiry (KI, a H2 only subject)

Even Mr Jack Tan, who is proficient in both JC Economics, H1 Maths and H2 Maths (our apologies, but he does not conduct Math lessons anymore. Mr Tan has “retired” from JC Mathematics. See his profile for A-Level Econs here.)

A-Level Subjects – JC Subjects Tuition @ Adam Smith Tuition Agency

On the other hand, we have a large pool of JC tuition teachers, who are experienced, skilled and knows the nuances of the exam requirements, so as to obtain subject distinctions easily.

And these are the subjects for “A” Levels under our tutelage:

A. Sciences (JC Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

B. Economics & Commerce (A-Level Econs, Principles of Accounting or POA, Management of Business or Business Studies)

C. Language & Humanities (JC General Paper, Geography, History, English Literature)

Do you prefer a general tuition agent or an A Level subject specialist tuition provider? As you already know, we at Adam Smith Tuition Agency aspires to be the leading one-to-one private tuition for A-Levels provider in Singapore.

Hence, regardless of the JC subjects you are referring to, be it H1 or H2 stream, for regular home lessons, intensive revision course, or even part time JC tuition, we are sure we have a tuition teacher who fits your exact needs!

So do contact us a call at https://m.me/adamsmithlc, and let us source the most suited A-Level subject tutor for you, so you don’t have to!

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Subject List:


  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Maths
  • Physics



  • Economics
  • English Literature
  • Geography
  • History



  • General Paper
  • Knowledge & Inquiry (KI)
  • Mother Tongue Languages